We just have an idea​

Everyone knows that we need to find new ways to get proteins and fibers for our nutrition. We do too. And we have found a new way.

We create innovative, healthy & unique food products made from plant by-products that were previously processed into animal feed or ended up in the waste.

Wait a minute: animal feed? Waste? Are you serious? Of course we are! Because not all waste is the same. During the production of food, there are necessarily many plant based by-products that are not normally used for human consumption. Thus, these by-products are lost for our nutrition.

You think that doesn't have to be the case? So do we. So let's put an end to it! Because these by-products are an underrated but rich source of the very proteins and food fibers we all need.

That's why we set out to develop a way to turn these by-products into a delicious and nutritious food. And that's not all:

With our efficient and sustainable technology, we also ensure a smaller carbon footprint along the way. To cut a long story short: with our circular food production, we are opening up a completely new source of proteins and fibers, simply using existing resources much more effectively.

And make a really remarkable contribution to our health and the well-being of our planet. That's a good start!