Upcycle food side-streams into profits

We at Circular Food Solutions offer you an innovative solution that allows you to turn the overwhelming demand for plant-based meats into a successful business model – with a unique, tasty and profitable product made with upcycled food side streams.

Bye Bye By-product

You don't think the world has the resources to feed futures 10 billion people? We do. And no, we are not talking about growing mushrooms on Mars or carrots on the Moon. Our solution is totally down to earth. Our recipe: Let us keep using the existing resources we have been using. But let's do it more efficiently! Our idea: Bringing food upcycling technology to a whole new level. Our product: A solution to produce tasty and sustainable plant-based meat alternatives full of healthy protein and fiber from Brewer’s Spent Grains.

Plant-based meat. Just re-invented.

Plant-based meat you have to meet: Our product comes with a unique fiber texture, taste and elasticity at a completely new level. That's because it is made with a new, natural source: upcycled Brewer's Spent Grains. Thus, we get tasty, healthy products from locally sourced ingredients that are produced in a sustainable manner - far more than one can expect from regular meat. As well as - in our humble opinion - from most plant-based meats.

Eine starke Vision. Mit starken Partnern.

Startups mit einer genialen Idee sind gut. Startups mit einer genialen Idee und dem nötigen Knowhow sind besser. Kommt zu dem Knowhow noch ein weltweit erfolgreicher Mutterkonzern mit jahrzehntelanger Erfahrung hinzu, dann sind die Voraussetzungen für eine Erfolgsgeschichte nahezu perfekt.

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