Upcycling – the path to healthy food and a healthy planet!

We at Circular Food Solutions developed an innovative upcycling technology to recover proteins & fibers from food side streams and to create healthy & unique food products.

We just have an idea

Everyone knows that we need to find new ways to get proteins and fibers for our nutrition. We do too. And we have found a new way: from plant by-products that were previously processed into animal feed or ended up in the waste. Wait a minute: animal feed? Waste? Are you serious?​

Sounds difficult. But is quite simple.

What exactly do you do? It's simple: We offer technology solutions to food and beverage producers to create unique plant-based meat alternatives with upcycled ingredients.

A powerful vision. With powerful partners.

Start-ups with a brilliant idea are good. Start-ups with a brilliant idea and the necessary know-how are better. Add to this know-how a globally successful parent company with decades of experience, and the conditions for a success story are almost perfect.